California is filled with a bunch of idiots, literal idiots.

21 07 2009

If you can sit through this I will stop blogging and eat any shade of goat’s cheese, especially the wannabe blonde(the dumb looking brunette) who is apparently for organics. Oh my, every word she says is the worst, frankly I’m sorry for you if you watch this without flipping out or having to pause it and walk away to make sure your brain is still there.

Sorry :-/


Rainy July Nights

21 07 2009

So here we are, July 21st 2009 and it’s raining, and it’s going to rain for the next five days or something terrible like that. Rainboro, NJ why are you so miserable and why are you everywhere? You make me tired, you do not allow me to open my windows whilst driving and worst of all you try to break my ankles. I’m not blaming this on the boat shoe, not this time! It’s effin July! Go spread your unjoyus ooze elsewhere, consider the ocean or the central Balkans. My boatshoes are just not cut out to handle your clammy molecules. I can’t be sure that they handle that well on the weathered decks of boats I can’t afford, but I can surely say they do not fair well when you souse the sidewalks and tarmacs of my business complex. Make this a note to self: STOP FUCKING RAINING! Ok that was sorta creepy, I live across from a crappy lake with a crappy water fountain that runs for 12 hours or so, when I exclamated my last statement the fountain shut off. Awesome.

Also good to know, the New York Yankees are in sole posession of first place in the A.L. East. Awesome.

Here are some facts:

  • Most boat shoes these days do not contain the siping pattern they were originally given when “invented” in 1935 by Paul Sperry.
  • …I guess no one needs the ability to walk on wet surfaces in boatshoes anymore.
  • Macedonia is a major transshipment point for Southwest Asian heroin and hashish.

Here enjoy users on twitter whining debating whether or not it’s right to wear boatshoes without socks: